Weltmuseum Wien Location, Directions and How to Get There

The Weltmuseum Wien is a renowned museum in Vienna, Austria, showcasing an extensive collection of global art and cultural artefacts, offering visitors a captivating glimpse into diverse societies and their histories.

Read on to find out how to reach this museum by public transportation, car, and more!

Where is Weltmuseum Wien?

Address: Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria

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Located in the heart of Vienna, Austria, the Weltmuseum Wien resides in Heldenplatz, near Hofburg Palace and the iconic Ringstrasse, providing a central and easily accessible destination for exploring world cultures.

Closest Landmark: Hofburg Palace

Getting to Weltmuseum Wien by Public Transportation

By Metro
By Street Car
By Bus
Weltmuseum Wien location

To reach the Weltmuseum Wien by metro, you can take the U3 line. The nearest stop is Volkstheater station, and from there, you can use the "Ring" exit. It's a convenient and straightforward journey, allowing you easy access to explore the museum's captivating exhibits.

Weltmuseum Wien location

Conveniently accessible by streetcar, visitors can reach the Weltmuseum Wien by taking lines D, 1, 2, 71, 46, or 49. The closest stops are Burgring Station, which serves lines D, 1, 2, and 71, and Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring Station, catering to lines 46 and 49.

Weltmuseum Wien location

To reach the Weltmuseum Wien by bus, you can take either the 48A or 57A routes. The nearest stop for the 48A bus is Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring station, while the Burgring station is closest to the 57A bus. These convenient bus options provide easy access to the museum's location at Heldenplatz.

Getting To Weltmuseum Wien By Car

Weltmuseum Wien location

Driving Route

To reach the Weltmuseum Wien from Schönbrunn Palace, follow these directions:

  • Start by heading northeast on B1 (Babenbergerstraße) toward Sankt-Johann-Gasse. Along the way, you'll pass Sankt-Johann-Gasse, Morizgasse, and Gumpendorfer Str.
  • Turn left onto Sankt-Johann-Gasse and continue until you reach Gumpendorfer Str. Take a left onto Gumpendorfer Str.
  • Keep following Gumpendorfer Str., which will eventually become Eschenbachgasse. Enjoy the sights along the way, including landmarks like Elisabethstraße and Babenbergerstraße.
  • When you reach the intersection of Gumpendorfer Str. and Babenbergerstraße, turn left onto Burgring. Continue straight on Burgring until you arrive at Heldenplatz/Äußeres Burgtor, where the Weltmuseum Wien is located. 
Weltmuseum Wien location

Parking Facilities

The closest underground car park is at the MuseumsQuartier (Museumsplatz 1). Other parking options are also available: 

  • CONTIPARK Tiefgarage Am MuseumsQuartier
  • Garage Robert-Stolz-Platz
  • Volksgarten Parkplatz

Walking To Weltmuseum Wien 

Walking from the Vienna Music Society to the Weltmuseum Wien offers a delightful journey with several notable landmarks along the way:

Weltmuseum Wien location
  • Start by heading south on Musikvereinspl. towards Karlsplatz/B1. You'll pass the grand Musikverein concert hall, famous for its stunning architecture and renowned classical music performances.
  • Turn right onto Karlsplatz/B1. As you stroll, you'll encounter the majestic Karlskirche, an iconic baroque church adorned with beautiful frescoes and an impressive dome.
  • Continue walking and turn right onto Kärntner Str., the bustling shopping street.
  • Next, turn right onto Operngasse and immerse yourself in Vienna's cultural scene. You'll pass by the Vienna State Opera, a legendary opera house known for its opulent performances and architectural splendour.
  • Take a left turn onto Opernring, where you'll be captivated by the grandeur of the historic Ringstrasse boulevard. Marvel at the magnificent buildings, including the Burggarten Park, the renowned Hotel Imperial, and the iconic Vienna State Parliament.
  • Finally, turn right at Burgring, and you will arrive at the Weltmuseum Wien.

What Are The Best Ways To Get To The Weltmuseum Wien?

Cheapest Option: Opting for public transportation such as the metro, train, or bus offers a budget-friendly means of reaching the Weltmuseum Wien, allowing you to save on travel expenses.

Fastest Option: If you prioritize speed and efficiency, driving a car directly to the Weltmuseum Wien is the optimal choice, ensuring a quick and uninterrupted journey without any detours or transfers.

Sightseeing Option: For those who prefer a leisurely approach and wish to savour the scenery en route to the Weltmuseum Wien, walking is the perfect option. It allows you to take in the sights and appreciate the surroundings along the way.

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All Your Questions About Weltmuseum Wien Getting There Answered

Where is the Weltmuseum Wien located?

The Weltmuseum Wien is situated in the heart of Vienna near the famous Hofburg Palace.

What is the Weltmuseum Wien address?

The official address of the Weltmuseum Wien is Heldenplatz, 1010 Wien, Austria.

How do I get to the Weltmuseum Wien?

Getting to Weltmuseum Wien is easy since it has excellent public transportation links. You can effortlessly catch a metro, train, or bus. On the other hand, if you prefer the freedom and convenience of driving, you have the option to reach the museum by car.

What is the fastest way to get to the Weltmuseum Wien?

To reach the Weltmuseum Wien, the easiest choices would be to either drive your own vehicle or opt for a taxi service. Although there could be some congestion due to its central location, you can anticipate reaching the museum within approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

What is the cheapest way to get to the Weltmuseum Wien?

If you want to save money, it's a good idea to think about using public transportation like the subway or bus to reach the Weltmuseum Wien.

Which is the closest bus stop to the Weltmuseum Wien?

The closest bus stop to Weltmuseum Wien is Dr.-Karl-Renner-Ring station.

Which is the closest metro station to the Weltmuseum Wien?

The closest metro station to the Weltmuseum Wien is Volkstheater station.

Which is the closest street car station to the Weltmuseum Wien?

The closest train station to the Weltmuseum Wien is Burgring Station.

Can I park at the Weltmuseum Wien?

No, you can’t park at the Weltmuseum Wien. However, The closest underground car park is at the MuseumsQuartier (Museumsplatz 1).

Can I walk to the Weltmuseum Wien?

Yes, walking to the Weltmuseum Wien allows you the chance to enjoy sightseeing while en route to the museum.