Here's Everything You Need to Know About the Exhibitions at Weltmuseum Wien

Step into the captivating realm of Weltmuseum Wien, housed within the imperial Hofburg Palace. Explore a mesmerizing tapestry of ethnographic exhibitions, showcasing the richness of human heritage from diverse corners of the world. Immerse yourself in this cultural odyssey and ignite your curiosity.

Why See the Weltmuseum Wien Exhibitions?

Exhibitions at Weltmuseum Wien
  • Vast Cultural Diversity: Weltmuseum Wien houses a vast array of ethnographic collections representing diverse cultures from around the globe.
  • Imperial Setting: Experience the cultural journey within the historic Hofburg Imperial Palace, adding a touch of regal grandeur to the exhibits.
  • Interactive Displays: Engaging and immersive exhibits allow visitors to connect with artefacts and explore global traditions up close.
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding: Weltmuseum Wien fosters understanding and appreciation of different cultures, promoting global unity and harmony.
  • Enriching Experience: Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind cultural odyssey, expanding your knowledge and igniting your curiosity about the world's diverse heritage.

Exhibitions at Weltmuseum Wien

Weltmuseum Wien Exhibition

Science Fiction(s): If there were a tomorrow

Temporary Exhibition: 30 March 2023 to 9 January 2024

The exhibition "Science Fiction(s)" at Weltmuseum Wien challenges Hollywood's dominant narratives about the future. Around twenty contemporary artists explore various approaches to using science fiction as a tool for critiquing the present, envisioning alternative futures, healing, and decolonization. With a focus on indigenous voices, the exhibition delves into cultural appropriation and resistance. It examines fictional space projects, discussions about non-human rights, and a post-apocalyptic perspective from a water plant.

Weltmuseum Wien Exhibition

Extinctions!?: An exhibition as part of the project TAKING CARE

Temporary Exhibition: 23 February 2023 to 2 April 2024

"Extinctions!?" challenges common extinction narratives, offering alternative perspectives in collaboration with partners from Latin America. Using objects from their diverse collections, the exhibition delves into the extinction of human cultures, highlighting both resilience and survival. As part of the TAKING CARE project, it explores the interconnections between ethnographic collections, climate crisis, and post-colonial issues, making ethnographic museums vital spaces for exploration. 

Weltmuseum Wien Exhibition

Beyond the Future: Modern Japanese Calligraphy

Temporary Exhibition: 30 March 2023 to 9 January 2024

Co-financed by Mainichi Shinbun and the Mainichi Calligraphy Society, this exhibition showcases 61 artworks already part of Weltmuseum Wien's collection. It features various forms of calligraphy from East Asia, including Chinese kanji characters, kana syllabary, shibunsho poetic writing, tenkoku stone seals, and carved kokuji symbols. The exhibition highlights contemporary avant-garde calligraphy, where body, mind, style, and dynamics blend in fluent transitions from script to art.

Weltmuseum Wien Exhibition

Whatever You Throw at the Sea… by Zara Julius

Temporary Exhibition: 27 April 2023 to 2 April 2024

Zara Julius's exhibition, "Whatever You Throw at the Sea…" at Weltmuseum Wien, is a thought-provoking audio-visual project derived from extensive research on African and African diaspora communities. Using a limited edition 12" vinyl and images from the museum's collection, the installation delves into oceanic and rhythmic logic tied to loss, life, death, and possibility. Emphasizing polyvocality, the work challenges colonial impositions, and climate discourse, and envisions a future shaped by African epistemologies, offering insights into survival strategies amidst the enduring climate crisis.

Weltmuseum Wien Exhibition

Fruits of Labour: Maximilian Prüfer

Temporary Exhibition: 18 May 2023 to 9 July 2024

The exhibition "Fruits of Labour" at Weltmuseum Wien showcases the works of German artist Maximilian Prüfer, addressing human interventions in nature during the Anthropocene era and their global impact. Prüfer's art delves into ecological issues like insect extinction in Europe and China's 1950s political developments, revealing the dimension of human efforts needed to compensate for biodiversity loss. Through installations, photography, and film, Prüfer's pieces are juxtaposed with objects from the museum's collection and loans from Naturhistorisches Museum Wien. 

Weltmuseum Wien Exhibition

Dark Pairing

Temporary Exhibition: 20 May 2021 to 30 September 2023

The exhibition "Dark Pairing" delves into the theme of hybridity and colonial cultures. T. Lauw's artwork intricately weaves plants in a fine network, symbolizing the complexity of cultural inscription and the impossibility of untangling colonial legacies. Exotic plants are critically examined as a means of exerting colonial power over indigenous cultures, and the display challenges the process of cultural appropriation. The presentation is part of the project "TAKING CARE," exploring connections between ethnographic collections and climate crisis issues, addressing colonial aftermath in a participatory and creative manner.

The Permanent Exhibition

The central and redesigned permanent exhibition at Weltmuseum Wien features a series of stories presented in fourteen galleries, combining traditional and contemporary interpretations, inviting visitors to explore and experience the museum's captivating offerings. You can find the following exhibitions at the museum:

  1. Benin and Ethiopia: Art, Power, Resilience
  2. Culture War in Vienna
  3. An Austrian Mosaic of Brazil
  4. In the Shadow of Colonialism
  5. A New Perception – View on China
  6. 1873 – Japan comes to Europe
  7. Collecting Craze. I Suffer from Museomania!
  8. South Seas: Encounters with Paradise Lost
  9. Fascinated by Indonesia
  10. World in Motion
  11. Into a New World
  12. At the Threshold of the Orient
  13. Stories from Mesoamerica
  14. A Village in the Mountains

How To Book Tickets to the Weltmuseum Wien Exhibitions?

For an enjoyable visit to Weltmuseum Wien, plan ahead and book tickets online. It guarantees a seamless and hassle-free experience to explore fascinating exhibits and collections.

  • Advance Booking: Make your visit stress-free by booking tickets ahead of time, avoiding any last-minute issues or disappointment of sold-out days.
  • Convenience: Enjoy the freedom of purchasing Weltmuseum Wien tickets from home or on the move, skipping long lines and uncertainties.
  • Discounts: Keep an eye out for special offers and discounts, ensuring you get the best value during your visit to the captivating exhibitions at the Weltmuseum Wien.

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All Your Questions About Weltmuseum Wien Exhibitions Answered

Are the exhibitions at Weltmuseum Wien suitable for all ages?

Yes, the Weltmuseum Wien exhibitions cater to visitors of all ages, offering diverse and engaging displays for everyone.

How long does it take to explore all the exhibitions?

Plan at least 2-3 hours to explore the diverse cultural exhibits and fully immerse in the experience at Weltmuseum Wien.

Are guided tours available for the exhibitions?

No, guided tours are not available for the Weltmuseum Wien exhibitions. You can explore the galleries at your own pace.

Can I take photographs at the exhibition?

Yes, photography for personal use is generally allowed at Weltmuseum Wien, but please respect any specific guidelines and avoid using flash.

Is the museum accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Weltmuseum Wien is wheelchair-accessible, and accommodations are made for visitors with disabilities.

Are there interactive elements in the exhibitions?

Yes, several exhibits at Weltmuseum Wien offer interactive displays, enhancing the visitor experience and promoting engagement.

Are there temporary exhibitions alongside permanent ones?

Yes, Weltmuseum Wien frequently hosts temporary exhibitions, adding new dimensions to the cultural offerings.

Can I purchase tickets online in advance?

Yes, you can conveniently book Weltmuseum Wien tickets online in advance to avoid queues.

Is there a cloakroom facility available for bags and coats?

Yes, a cloakroom is available for visitors to store their bags and coats during their visit to Weltmuseum Wien.

Are there dining options within the museum premises?

Yes, there is a café where you can enjoy refreshments and meals during your Weltmuseum Wien visit.

Are there any special events or workshops related to the exhibitions?

Yes, Weltmuseum Wien often hosts special events and workshops related to the exhibitions, offering unique experiences.

Can I bring children to the exhibitions?

Yes, children are welcome at Weltmuseum Wien, and there are interactive displays suitable for young visitors to enjoy.

Is there a gift shop where I can purchase souvenirs?

Yes, there is a Weltmuseum Wien gift shop offering a variety of souvenirs and cultural items inspired by the exhibitions.