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Visiting Schonbrunn Palace, the Habsburg Imperial Residence

A history buff’s dream, the Schonbrunn Palace is a majestic palace that boasts stunning Baroque architecture. Having almost 1441 rooms, the Schonbrunn Palace belonged to the Habsburg rulers from 1730 to 1918, after which it was surrendered to the Republic of Austria and later declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read on to know more about visiting the Schonbrunn Palace, how to book Schonbrunn Palace tickets, its opening hours, and other information that will help you plan your visit. 

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Things to know before booking your Schonbrunn Palace tickets

  • There is a Schonbrunn Palace ticket for every budget. With , you can enjoy priority access to the venue, and enjoy a private guided tour of the premises at around €48. If you want to explore other sights around the palace, go for the , which costs around €63. You can also choose to go for a train ride within the palace or attend a Mozart concert at the Orangerie. 
  • Prioritize booking guided tours when visiting the Schonbrunn Palace, for an experienced, professional guide will help you navigate around the State Rooms, gardens, orangerie, and several other museums within the palace. These tours are perfect to acquaint yourself with the history and cultural relevance of the palace interiors. 
  • The Schonbrunn Gardens are a part of the palace premises, meaning they are included in your skip-the-line tickets. You do not have to purchase separate tickets to visit the gardens. 
  • If you are short on time, consider booking a panoramic train ride from the Schonbrunn Palace. The train traverses through 9 monuments around the palace, allowing you to soak in the sights of some of Europe’s most impressive Baroque palaces.
  • Besides the State Rooms, there are unique experiences you can enjoy inside the Schonbrunn Palace. If you love music, you can enjoy a Mozart and Strauss concert at the Orangerie and go on a panoramic train ride along the outskirts of the Palace. 

Which Schonbrunn Palace ticket is best for you?

Schonbrunn Palace Tickets

If you are short on time

Go for: Skip-the-line tickets
2 to 3.5 hours
Professional tour guide in English, German, and Spanish

  • With these skip-the-line tickets, you can enjoy priority access to the Schonbrunn Palace and avail yourself of a private guided tour of its premises. 
  • To make the most of your visit to Vienna, choose Vienna guided tours, traversing through the Ringstrasse. You can discover some of the city’s most significant sights and step inside the State Rooms of the Schonbrunn Palace.

Recommended tours:

Schonbrunn Palace Tickets

If you want an in-depth tour

Go for: Guided tours
3.5 hours
Professional tour guide in English, German, and Spanish

  • The Vienna guided tour passes through Ringstrasse and allows you to catch a glimpse of several other important monuments around the area. You can also enter the Schonbrunn Palace and explore all its State Rooms. A professional guide will acquaint you with the history and cultural relevance of these sights. 
  • The Imperial Carriage Museum is a unique exhibit inside the palace that showcases the collection of carriages that were owned by various members of the Habsburg family. You can get direct entry into this museum. 

Recommended tours:

Schonbrunn Palace Tickets

If you want a unique experience

Go for: Train rides and concert tickets
2 to 4.5 hours
Multilingual audio guide

  • If you love classical music, you can enjoy a spectacular Mozart and Strauss concert in the Orangerie of the Schonbrunn Palace. Depending on the ticket you choose, you can also avail of an exclusive self-guided tour of the Schonbrunn Palace after closing hours. 
  • The Schonbrunn train ride journeys through 9 monuments near the palace. You can catch a glimpse of the Meidlinger Gate, Gloriette, the Obelisk Fountain, and more. 

Recommended tours:

Schonbrunn Palace tickets

If you want to explore beyond

Go for: Vienna pass and combo tickets
24 to 144 hours (Flexible)
Online audio guide in over 5 languages

  • Skip ahead of long lines and explore the Schonbrunn Palace and the Schonbrunn Zoo. You can save almost 8% of the original ticket prices with this combo ticket.
  • With the Vienna City Pass, you can get access to 70+ attractions in the city and save up to 40% as compared to normal ticket prices. The Vienna City Card, including public transport, allows you to save up to 50%, almost €45 each day with discounts on commutes. Enjoy major discounts at around 210 locations, including museums, restaurants, and attractions. 

Recommended tours:

Flexible cancellation policy

Most Schonnbrunn Palace tickets, including ones that offer skip-the-line access, guided tours, panoramic train rides, after-hours visits, and concerts have flexible cancellation policies. If you have a change in plans or want to reschedule, you can cancel your tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund on your purchase.

Schonbrunn Palace museums

Imperial Carriage Museum in the Schonbrunn Palace
Children’s Museum in the Schonbrunn Palace

Children’s Museum

Designed to engage children through hands-on activities, this museum offers a range of thematic displays. From dress-up stations and art workshops to historical reenactments and scavenger hunts, children can immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Schonbrunn in an entertaining manner.

Plan your visit to the Schonbrunn Palace

Rules and regulations
Schonbrunn Palace Tickets
Schonbrunn Palace Tickets
Schonbrunn Palace entrances
  • Main entrance: Adorned with intricate Baroque architecture and massive columns, the main entrance of the Schonbrunn Palace beckons visitors to explore its imperial legacy. It is situated on the front facade of the palace. 
  • Palace entrance: This entrance is situated in the central portion of the Schonbrunn Palace, directly accessible from the main courtyard. It leads visitors into the heart of the palace, offering a direct route to some significant areas, like the Imperial Apartments and the Grand Hall. 
  • Children’s Museum entrance: This entrance is situated within the palace complex. You can access it from various points within the palace complex. 
  • Orangery entrance: The Orangery entrance is situated within the expansive gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace. It is easily accessible from the garden paths and walking trails. 
  • Apothekertrakt entrance: The Apothekertrakt entrance is situated within the Apothekertrakt building, which is typically adjacent to the main palace complex. You may also access it from within the palace grounds. 
Schonbrunn Palace Tickets
  • Photography: You can click pictures in the Palace Gardens, but no kind of photography is permitted inside the Schonbrunn Palace. 
  • Accessibility: All spaces open to the public are wheelchair accessible. Escorts are available to help any visitor in a wheelchair. 
  • Toilets: There are barrier-free toilets available near the tickets desk, on the first floor, and in the Children’s Museum. You have to ask the palace staff for assistance. 
  • Audio guides: It is recommended that you book an audio-guided tour, which is available in many languages like English, German, and Spanish for a more personalized experience. 
Accessibility measures within the Schonbrunn Palace
  • Wheelchairs: All display areas are connected by ramps and elevators, ensuring that all visitors with limited mobility can enjoy the exhibits. You can hire wheelchairs free of charge by depositing an ID Card at the main entrance. 
  • Seating: Limited seating options are available in the State Rooms section of the palace.
  • Parking: There are 3 parking spaces for specially-abled visitors at the Schonbrunn Palace in the forecourt by the main gate. 
  • Toilets: You can find accessible toilets by the ticket desk, in the Children’s Museum, and on the first floor. 
  • Assistance dogs: If you need guide dogs or have a person accompanying you to the palace, they can enter the premises free of charge. 
  • Museum sign language guide: The Schonbrunn Museum has made available video guides in Austrian Sign Language (OGS) and International Sign Language (IS) for visitors with limited hearing. 
Rules to note when visiting the Schonbrunn Palace
  • Avoid flash photography: You cannot click pictures for commercial purposes. Avoid carrying tripods, selfie sticks, and other bulky camera gear, for they may disrupt others. 
  • Maintain distance: Please do not touch the artifacts inside the Schonbrunn Palace. You must maintain at least a 50 cm distance from all artworks. 
  • Drop your belongings at the cloakroom: You are not allowed to carry large coats, hats, large backpacks, and suitcases to the Schonbrunn rooms and galleries. You have to drop them off at the cloakroom. 
Schonbrunn Palace Tickets
  • Wear comfortable shoes: It is best to wear comfortable closed shoes as there are a lot of attractions to cover in the Schonbrunn Palace.
  • Photography: No kind of photography or filming is allowed inside the Schonbrunn Palace. You can click pictures in the Palace Gardens. 
  • Pet Policy: No kind of pet is allowed inside the Schonbrunn Palace. 
  • Admission hours: The last admission ticket can be purchased 45 minutes before the attraction closes for the day.
  • Palace Maze rules: Children aged 14 and below are not permitted to enter the Schonbrunn Palace Maze and Labyrinth without parental supervision. 
  • Closed attractions: Please note that the fountains do not operate from mid-October to mid-April. For reasons of sustainability and energy conservation, the Park illumination has been suspended for the time being. 
  • Travel gear: You are not allowed to carry bulky umbrellas, hiking sticks, and travel gear inside the Schonbrunn Palace. Only medical aids like canes are allowed. 
Schonbrunn Palace Itinerary

Confused about how to proceed with your Schonbrunn Palace tour? With the sheer size of the palace park and the number of rooms, here’s a breakdown of how you can plan your day at the Schonbrunn Palace. 

  • State Rooms: Start your tour by exploring the opulent State Rooms located on the ground floor of the palace. These rooms include the Great Gallery, Mirror Room, Millions Room, Vieux-Laque Room, and others.
  • Private Apartments: Proceed to the upper floors of the palace to visit the private apartments of the imperial family. Explore the apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth (Sisi), including their bedrooms, sitting rooms, and studies.
  • Great Hall: Don't miss the breathtaking Great Hall, also known as the Grand Ballroom, located on the ground floor. It was once used to host grand events and receptions during the Habsburg era. 
  • Palace Gardens: After touring the palace interiors, take some time to explore the extensive gardens surrounding Schonbrunn Palace. Be sure to visit notable garden features such as the Neptune Fountain, Roman Ruins, and the Privy Garden.
  • Additional attractions: Depending on your interests and available time, consider visiting other attractions within the palace grounds, the Orangery, Maze, Palm House, Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo, and more.
Restaurants near Schonbrunn Palace

Beyond the Schonbrunn Palace

Ride the Vienna Ferris Wheel
Explore the Belvedere Palace
Visit the Spanish Riding School
Explore the Leopold Museum

Frequently asked questions about Schonbrunn Palace tickets

How much is a ticket to Schonbrunn Palace?

Schonbrunn Palace tickets start from . The Schonbrunn Palace skip-the-line tickets, including multilingual guided tours start from €48. If you are on a budget, you can choose Palace tickets that include a panoramic train ride through nine destinations around the palace and cost around €15.

How to book tickets to the Schonbrunn Palace?

It is best to book Schonbrunn Palace tickets online to ensure guaranteed access to the palace no matter the crowd on the day of your visit. Booking tickets online is more convenient and also saves time and money.

Why should I book Schonbrunn Palace tickets online?

We recommend you purchase Schonnbrunn Palace tickets online because it is more convenient and you can save time and money. While booking tickets online, you can also browse through a variety of Schonbrunn Palace combo tickets and choose the one you want to experience.

What do Schonbrunn Palace tickets include?

Browse online for a variety of Schonbrunn Palace tickets. If you are short on time and would like to know more about the history and heritage of the palace, choose skip-the-line tickets that include multilingual guided tours. You can also choose Schonbrunn Palace tickets with a Vienna city-guided tour, an entry ticket with access to a Mozart and Strauss concert, or a ticket including a panoramic train ride to experience the palace however you want.

Are discounts available on Schonbrunn Palace tickets?

Yes, if you purchase Schonbrunn Palace tickets online, you can avail yourself of discounted deals, combo offers, and complimentary add-ons.

Can I get skip-the-line tickets for Schonbrunn Palace?

Yes, you can book Schonbrunn Palace skip-the-line tickets online. These skip-the-line tickets also include guided tours available in English, German, and Spanish. You can also choose Schonbrunn Palace skip-the-line ticket combos that include a Vienna city guided tour. With a single purchase, you can explore several attractions in the city. 

What is the cancellation policy for Schonbrunn Palace tickets?

All Schonbrunn Palace tickets, skip-the-line tickets, guided tours, tickets with train rides, concerts, and the Vienna City Pass offer flexible cancellation policies. If your plans change, you can cancel them up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund on your purchase.

What are Schonbrunn Palace’s opening hours?

The Schonbrunn Palace is open throughout the year, from 8:30 am to 5 pm. The palace park opens early in the morning, around 6:30 am. The Privy garden, also known as the Orangerie garden remain open from 9:30 am to 4 pm.

How long does it take to complete a Schonbrunn Palace tour?

We recommend you spend at least 3 to 4 hours at the Schonbrunn Palace to explore all its levels, admire its rooms, architecture, and artworks, and visit its orangery and well-maintained gardens.

Where is the Schonbrunn Palace located?

The Schonbrunn Palace is situated on Schonbrunner Schloßtraße 47, 1130, Wien in Austria.

What is the best way to reach the Schonbrunn Palace?

You can get on the underground rail U4 train, choose the 10 A bus, or get on either tram number 10 or 60 to reach the Schonbrunn Palace. Get down at Schloss Schonbrunn and walk the short distance to enter the palace.