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Visiting Sprungart in Wiener Neustadt

Sprungart, the exhilarating trampoline park nestled in Wiener Neustadt, lets you embrace the adrenaline rush as you bounce through 2500 sq km of pure excitement in the Austrian town. With 5 action-packed arenas, every moment will leave you soaring with joy. Get ready to feel the spring in your step!

Read on to know everything about the trampoline park, how to get there, the timings and more.

Why Visit Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt
  • Jumping Extravaganza: Explore various arenas, including the Freejump Area, Performance Area, Jumping Tower, Giant Airbag, Ninja Warrior Parkour, and Jump Tower.
  • Freestyle Marvels: In the Performance Area, experience freestyling on 8 trampolines with wall-running and 2 super tramps.
  • World's Longest Wave: Take a leap on the world's longest wave trampoline in the Freestyle Area, an adventure you won't find elsewhere.
  • 50-Trampoline Bonanza: Hop around in the Freejump Area, featuring an impressive collection of 50 trampolines to bounce to your heart's content.
  • Kid-Friendly Playground: Engage young adventurers in the safe and exciting kids' playground, specially designed for children under 7.

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt Highlights

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt

Free Jump

Feel the exhilarating freedom with an array of 50 trampolines at your disposal. Prepare to be astonished by the longest wave trampoline in the world, delivering unforgettable moments of pure thrill and joy.

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt

Bag Jump

Embrace your adventurous side with 2 performance trampolines and a diving platform boasting 3 jumps. Safely practice and perfect your moves, boosting your confidence in gravity-defying leaps.

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt


Calling all freestyle enthusiasts! Get your adrenaline pumping on 8 freestyle trampolines, featuring wall running and 2 supertramps. Bounce boards are available to take your excitement to new heights.

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt


Designed for little adventurers aged 0 and up, a spacious 140 sqm playground awaits. Uncover endless delight with slides, climbing elements, and a balance area, guaranteeing hours of fun for the young ones.

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt

Multisport Court

Engage in action-packed moments on two WorldTour-level courts, catering to racket sports and football. Sports enthusiasts will find their perfect match on these versatile courts, unleashing their competitive spirit.

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt


Gather your friends for an extraordinary experience on the sprawling 2500 sqm of excitement. The entire hall and a dedicated party area are ready to host your celebrations, creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Plan Your Visit To Sprungart Wiener Neustadt

Getting There
Sprungart Wiener Neustadt
  • Timings
    Thursday - Friday: 2 PM to 7 PM
    Saturday - Sunday: 9 AM to 7 PM
  • Note: Open from Monday to Wednesday only during bad weather.
  • Best Time To Visit: Early morning or late evening on weekdays.
Sprungart Wiener Neustadt

Address: Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien, Austria 

Find on Map

  • By Train: Line R97 
    Nearest Stop: Wöllersdorf/Piesting Bahnhof; Feuerwerksanstalt Bahnhof
  • By Bus: Number 2A
    Nearest Stop: WRN Heideansiedlg/Blätterstraße
  • By Car: Distance From Bad Vöslau Airport: 18.2 km 
    Car Parking: You can park at nearby spaces like Wr.neustsdt, Parkplatz and Parkplatz Burger King.
Sprungart Wiener Neustadt
  • Park staff mandates visitors to adhere to safety regulations and guidelines for a secure experience.
  • Jumping on padding or trampoline walls is not allowed.
  • Climbing on trampolines or equipment is prohibited.
  • Outside food and drinks are prohibited.
  • Bringing personal trampolines or equipment is not allowed.
  • Jumping under the influence of substances is strictly forbidden.
  • Only one person is allowed per trampoline.
  • Cameras or recording devices are not permitted during jumping sessions.
  • Visitors are expected to maintain a respectful and safe atmosphere.
Sprungart Wiener Neustadt
  • Wiener Neustadt Cathedral: Explore the impressive St. Stephen's Cathedral, known for its Gothic architecture and historical significance. Admire the stunning interiors and climb the tower for panoramic views.
  • Fischapark Shopping Center: Indulge in retail therapy at Fischapark, offering a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, perfect for a day of leisure and shopping.
  • Museum St. Peter an der Sperr: Discover local history at this charming museum showcasing artefacts and exhibits related to the region's cultural heritage and medieval past.
  • Arena Nova: Attend exciting events and exhibitions at Arena Nova, a modern event venue hosting concerts, trade shows, and sports competitions, conveniently located near Sprungart.

Visitor Tips

  • Adhere to all safety rules and guidelines provided by the park staff to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Bring or purchase special grip socks to maintain proper traction and prevent slipping on the trampolines.
  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during your jumping sessions.
  • Arriving early allows you to maximize your jumping time and avoid peak hours.
  • Check the park's website for information on ticket prices, operating hours, and any special events.
  • Book your jumping session in advance to secure your spot, especially during busy times.
  • Avoid reckless behaviour and follow proper jumping techniques to prevent accidents.
  • Leave loose items, including jewellery and belongings, in the designated storage areas to prevent injury.
  • Stick to activities that match your skill level to reduce the risk of injury.

All Your Questions About Sprungart Wiener Neustadt Tickets Answered

Where can I buy Sprungart Wiener Neustadt tickets?
Can I buy Sprungart Wiener Neustadt tickets online?

Yes, you can buy Sprungart Wiener Neustadt tickets online as you can get great deals and discounts.

What is the cost of Sprungart Wiener Neustadt tickets?
Can I get a discount on Sprungart Wiener Neustadt tickets?

Yes, you can get a discount on Sprungart Wiener Neustadt tickets if you buy them online.

What is Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

Sprungart is a trampoline park located in Wiener Neustadt, offering a variety of activities and arenas for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

How can I get access to Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

You can get access to Sprungart Wiener Neustadt with entry tickets.

Where is Sprungart Wiener Neustadt located?

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt is located at Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien, Austria.

What are some of the highlights of Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

The park features 50 trampolines, a Freestyle Area with 8 trampolines, a Jumping Tower, a Giant Airbag, and a playground for younger children.

How to reach Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

You can reach Sprungart Wiener Neustadt by car, train, and bus.

What are the timings of the Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

Sprungart Wiener Neustadt is open Monday to Sunday from 2 PM to 7 PM on Thursdays and Fridays, and 9 AM to 7 PM on weekends.

Is photography allowed at Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

Yes. Photography is allowed in Sprungart Wiener Neustadt.

Is it worth visiting Sprungart Wiener Neustadt?

With its diverse trampoline activities and thrilling arenas, Sprungart promises an exciting and enjoyable experience for both individuals and families.